Article: Home Security Measures Burglars Hate

Yahoo article regarding home security measures, and yes surveillance cameras are listed as a measure. While security cameras can’t always prevent crime and are by no means foolproof, they can serve as a useful deterrent in some cases and provide evidence in the event that a crime does occur. Furthermore, security cameras can provide useful information about suspicious activity around your house and neighborhood which can then be provided to local police departments so that they can beef up patrols in your area. Read more on home security measures in the article:

A comprehensive home security plan that incorporates some or all of these measures in combination will work the best to prevent crime before it happens.

High-tech peephole used to see what’s going on outside door

KPHO Phoenix reports on new video peepholes coming into increasing use at homes:


FBI Releases More Detailed Boston Bombing Suspect Photos

FBI has just released new detailed photos of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing which provide greater clarity than previously released images.

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect #1 Closeup
Suspect #1 Closeup

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect #2 Closeup
Suspect #2 Closeup (High Facial Detail)

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Together
Two Suspects Together in Crowd

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FBI Releases Surveillance Video and Photos of Boston Bombing Suspects

FBI has released video surveillance of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing incident. Granted video surveillance isn’t foolproof and both the suspects are wearing baseball caps and one of the suspects is also wearing sunglasses.

However, there are subtle clues that show up on the footage. For example, note the gait of the suspects, in particular suspect #2 wearing the white hat (about 15 seconds into the video) – he has what appears to be a significant bow or curve in his right leg (credit to CNN’s Anderson Cooper who pointed this out). This is a very distinct characteristic, which would be very difficult to conceal in normal daily living:

It is a bit odd that while one of the suspects wears both a cap and sunglasses to obscure his identity, the other only wears a cap without glasses, leaving his face exposed.

Suspect #2 Front Face

Suspect #2 Profite View
Suspect #2 Profile View

For more still pictures of the suspects and more information visit:

Dept. of Homeland Security Warns of UPnP Security Issues – May Affect Security Cameras

The Dept. of Homeland Security U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) is warning users to disable UPnP due to possible security holes that may allow users PCs and network devices such as security cameras etc. to be hijacked remotely. There may be as many as 50 million devices including webcams, security systems etc. that may be vulnerable.

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ABC News Story: Vandalism Caught on Video Surveillance

In Florida a man dubbed “The Neighbor from hell” was caught on security cameras in an act of vandalism. Other acts of vandalism committed by others (who neighbors suspect were hired by the man) were also recorded on security camera systems installed by neighbors during an ongoing dispute. Rest of the story and video at ABC News:

ABC News: Vandalism Caught on Video Surveillance