The How-To-Surveillance blog was started to provide a platform for discussion and information exchange on various topics related to CCTV, Video Surveillance, Security Cameras, IP Video, Wireless Cameras, Dgital Video Recorders as well as tips and advice. The main goals of the blog are:

  • Help inform the homeowner and small business owner about various aspects of video surveillance so that they can choose the best video surveillance equipment for their needs.
  • Provide an online exchange of ideas to improve existing security camera systems

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  1. Isabelle Riley


    Nice Blog!

    My name is Isabelle and I am currently working with http://www.matryxconsulting.com.au/
    I just came across your blog and found it helpful with what I was researching.
    We were wondering if we could publish a similar blog on your site?

    Here are some blog ideas that I am currently working on:
    - Why your business could use security consulting services?
    - What to consider when employing a security consulting professional?
    - Or another topic of your own.

    Looking forward hearing from you.

    Thanks for your time,

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