Top Five Problems of Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless camera systems have a very high ‘coolness’ factor (wireless is the ‘in’ thing these days ya know), however, there are three major drawbacks that need to be considered before purchasing a wireless camera. In fact, I often tell people that they should consider a standard ‘hard-wired’ security camera first, and if possible avoid going wireless. Here are five problems associated with wireless security cameras:

  1. Most wireless systems are on the 2.4 GHz frequency band which is crowded with tons of other devices ranging from wireless PCs to cordless phones. This makes for possible interference with the reception of the video signal. 
  2. Weather events such as rain, snow, and even wind can wreak havoc with wireless signals. 
  3. Terrain features such as hills, buildings, and walls can reduce signal strength
  4. Limited focal length lense availability. The transmitter adds cost and bulk to the camera, so most manufacturers of consumer wireless cameras only offer them with a standard wide angle lens. If you want a varifocal or longer focal length lens, you may be out of luck.
  5. Anyone with a 2.4 GHz video receiver can possibly pick up your video signal from that wireless camera used in your home. The manufacturers don’t really have a standardized encryption for most consumer wireless security cameras. 

Click the link below for a video introduction on how a wireless camera system works and also discusses some of their advantages and disadvantages:
Wireless Security Camera

12 thoughts on “Top Five Problems of Wireless Security Cameras

  1. Det Slater

    Those problems are real but they are also not that hard to overcome. As a detective I often have clients ask about these problems and I send them to the tech staff at Airtight Video for advanced solutions. For example The 2.4 GHz crowded band is only crowded if you have other 2.4 GHz devices in your home or within or very near as the wireless receiver used with your camera has a limited range. Terrain, hills, walls and such are easily overcome by picking the transmitter with the right range for the individual situation to begin with. And you can make any camera wireless whether it is wide angle or varifocal or longer focal length lens, you just have to combine the transmitter and camera instead of buying it already put together. Any of the problems involved with wireless cameras are easily overcome with just a little bit of effort. So go wireless and protect your home or business.

  2. Wireless Security Cameras

    You’ve made some good points here. I think that before buying a camera (wired or wireless) one needs to determine how the camera is to be used and what the application might be. Wired systems do provide high reliability but are generally more expensive and difficult to install. If you are looking for something more covert, wireless is the way to go. Wireless cameras are relatively inexpensive. They are easy to install and operate and don’t require running wires through your walls. Wireless cameras provide greater flexibility than a wired camera. Most of the issues you discussed can be overcome and may not even be an issue depending on the application of the camera. Wired or wireless…both have their appropriate applications.

  3. Cutter

    You can try the new wireless band 5.8MHz, it is not widely used and there is little interference. Video theft is not too hard to overcome if you use some simple precautions like directional signal sending. Good luck and happy tech.

  4. Shawn

    I have two exterior security cameras,a wireless transmitter and a B/W? quad processor mounted in the barn.I believe the processor bit the dust,after only 6 weeks of use,in a years time. Does anyone know if there’s a fix for it,or do I have to buy a new one?

  5. Rob Post author

    Hi Shawn,
    Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the quad processor after only 6 weeks use. Did you have a warranty with the vendor you bought it from? If the processor is bad, then you’ll most likely need another unit. I don’t know of any fix. If you shop around you should be able to score a deal on a B&W quad.

  6. Cabling Plus

    WELL PUT! I always push my customers into a hard wired system. I have yet to find a cost effective wireless solution that actually works great. 9 out of 10 times the customer will be unhappy with the quality of video they get from a wireless camera. I don’t even offer a wireless solution unless it is a major corporation that can spend huge dollars on a mesh network or point to point Wi-Fi solution. But every other customer I visit asks for it. ONE DAY!

  7. Rob Post author

    Thanks for the comment. It’s great to hear from someone in the industry who has experience with wireless systems on a regular basis. Yes, sometimes wireless camera systems work very well but it does require a considerable investment to do it right!

  8. Vena Luzar

    Even after twenty years of being in eletronics it is amazing the new toys that come out each year.

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