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Home Security Camera Systems

There are a variety of options for the home owner and small business owner who want a video surveillance system. This article discusses three main types of security camera systems, high definition. standard definition, and indoor IP cameras. What type of system you choose will depend mainly on what specific purpose you need it for and what your budget allows for.

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Home Security Camera Options

Nanny Cam Video Leads to Arrest in Brutal Home Invasion

The video footage from a nanny cam used in the investigation of a brutal home invasion in Millburn, NJ has led to the arrest of a suspect.
Can you imagine where this case would be if that home hadn’t set up a nanny cam that provided that video footage?!

ABC News 7 Story on Nanny Cam Home Invasion Suspect Arrest

Is Dropcam the Ideal Home Security Wireless IP Camera?

Looking for an easy to install IP video camera that will let you watch your home over the internet?

Dropcam is one of the easiest, if not the easiest IP cameras to install. The camera has built-in software that automatically begins an installation process when you plug it into your computer. Dropcam detects your wireless network (you just need to enter your network password after selecting your network from a list that appears during the installation process) and configures itself automatically. No need to struggle with IP addressing, setting up DDNS accounts and configuration issues like other IP cameras because viewing live video remotely and accessing recorded video is done through Dropcam servers. The easy installation process, efficient video compression, HD video quality (720p) and easy operation of the Dropcam make it ideal for use as a home security camera that can be accessed via the internet.

The Dropcam does require you to sign up for a user account. Live remote viewing (utilizing Dropcam servers) is free of charge and allows you to view your video from anywhere (with internet access) using your desktop PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet (which utilize the Dropcam app available for iPhone and Android devices).

Recording and downloading video from Dropcam servers is available for a service fee, which is $99/yr and allows you to retrieve recorded events that were recorded over the past 7 days.

Check out the following video showing Dropcam features and how to install the Dropcam:

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Security Camera Use Increasing in Cities

Recently PBS Newshour aired an interesting story on the increasing use of video surveillance in society and the increased push for more security cameras in big cities. In particular, the San Francisco police chief is calling for more real-time monitoring of surveillance cameras throughout the city.

Some groups have expressed concerns about the right to privacy and this raises important questions: Is there a reasonable expectation of privacy in public areas? Should police be allowed to continually monitor any public area in real time? What are the boundary lines that need to be drawn regarding the use of video surveillance by police departments? Just how effective are security cameras at preventing crime? Does the value of video surveillance evidence outweigh privacy concerns?

Video analytics (software algorithms designed to analyze objects in a scene for a while, facial recognition, biometric analysis etc.) are also increasingly being used. Video analytics software company 3VR was interviewed for this story and the capabilities and limitations video analytics were discussed. Video analytics isn’t perfect, but it is constantly being improved to allow for more in-depth analysis of security camera footage.

While security cameras in and of themselves cannot necessarily prevent a crime, the video evidence they provide can be used to solve and prosecute crimes, as well as gather information about criminal activity in an area. However, privacy concerns and the “big brother” creep factor have some people concerned. So what do you think about the increased use of video surveillance by police departments in public areas?

IPVM Panoramic Shootout Results Discussed during ISC West – April 2013

IPVM held an independent presentation at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas during the recent ISC West Conference in April 2013 . Topics discussed throughout the day included, Panoramic Camera Shootout results, trends in access control, and the outlook on VMS Servers for IP security cameras (Death of VMS Servers Has Begun?).

John and Ian discuss the details of their Panoramic shootout test

John and Ian discuss the details of the Panoramic Shootout

As usual, the discussions were detailed and spirited providing detailed information on the cutting edge in the video surveillance world. One highlight of the day, was the discussion of the Panoramic Shootout Results which included performance assessments of Panoramic cameras from a wide variety of manufacturers including Axis, Panasonic, Mobotix, Vivotek, Immervision, Sentry360, Sony and others.

Detailed results of the Panoramic Shootout (as well as honest reviews of many other IP security cameras and related products) are available at the IPVM website:

Membership is required to review the test results and detailed information contained in the report, however, the modest membership fee is well worth the cost for those seeking to get the most out of their investment into IP security camera systems. IPVM also provides excellent training materials for professionals and facilitates outstanding forums where information is cross exchanged among professionals in the security industry. A worthy investment indeed.

Article: Home Security Measures Burglars Hate

Yahoo article regarding home security measures, and yes surveillance cameras are listed as a measure. While security cameras can’t always prevent crime and are by no means foolproof, they can serve as a useful deterrent in some cases and provide evidence in the event that a crime does occur. Furthermore, security cameras can provide useful information about suspicious activity around your house and neighborhood which can then be provided to local police departments so that they can beef up patrols in your area. Read more on home security measures in the article:

A comprehensive home security plan that incorporates some or all of these measures in combination will work the best to prevent crime before it happens.

FBI Releases More Detailed Boston Bombing Suspect Photos

FBI has just released new detailed photos of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing which provide greater clarity than previously released images.

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect #1 Closeup
Suspect #1 Closeup

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect #2 Closeup
Suspect #2 Closeup (High Facial Detail)

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Together
Two Suspects Together in Crowd

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FBI Releases Surveillance Video and Photos of Boston Bombing Suspects

FBI has released video surveillance of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing incident. Granted video surveillance isn’t foolproof and both the suspects are wearing baseball caps and one of the suspects is also wearing sunglasses.

However, there are subtle clues that show up on the footage. For example, note the gait of the suspects, in particular suspect #2 wearing the white hat (about 15 seconds into the video) – he has what appears to be a significant bow or curve in his right leg (credit to CNN’s Anderson Cooper who pointed this out). This is a very distinct characteristic, which would be very difficult to conceal in normal daily living:

It is a bit odd that while one of the suspects wears both a cap and sunglasses to obscure his identity, the other only wears a cap without glasses, leaving his face exposed.

Suspect #2 Front Face

Suspect #2 Profite View
Suspect #2 Profile View

For more still pictures of the suspects and more information visit:

Security cameras trending in local homes reports: “According to local security system companies more-and-more people are installing security systems in their homes, but now surveillance is being used like never before.”

“We’re used to seeing security cameras in places of business as a deterrent against shoplifting or robberies but now more than ever, residents are calling wanting the same service.”

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