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Home Security Camera Systems

There are a variety of options for the home owner and small business owner who want a video surveillance system. This article discusses three main types of security camera systems, high definition. standard definition, and indoor IP cameras. What type of system you choose will depend mainly on what specific purpose you need it for and what your budget allows for.

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Home Security Camera Options

Nanny Cam Video Leads to Arrest in Brutal Home Invasion

The video footage from a nanny cam used in the investigation of a brutal home invasion in Millburn, NJ has led to the arrest of a suspect.
Can you imagine where this case would be if that home hadn’t set up a nanny cam that provided that video footage?!

ABC News 7 Story on Nanny Cam Home Invasion Suspect Arrest

Nanny Cam Shows Brutal home Invasion in NJ

Police are on the hunt for a home invasion suspect caught on nanny cam. Video from a nanny cam shows a vicious attack during a home invasion in at a residence in the quiet suburb of Millburn, New Jersey. The footage is being broadcast on news stations in an attempt to identify the suspect, who repeatedly punched and kicked the female resident of the house while her 3-yr old daughter sat on the couch terrified. The video below shows the extremely violent attack and is difficult to watch. The video footage provides enough details of the suspect’s description and is proving useful to police. A $5,000 reward is being offered.

News story:
WABC-TV: Frightening Millburn home invasion assault caught on camera
Frightening Millburn home invasion assault caught on camera

Is Dropcam the Ideal Home Security Wireless IP Camera?

Looking for an easy to install IP video camera that will let you watch your home over the internet?

Dropcam is one of the easiest, if not the easiest IP cameras to install. The camera has built-in software that automatically begins an installation process when you plug it into your computer. Dropcam detects your wireless network (you just need to enter your network password after selecting your network from a list that appears during the installation process) and configures itself automatically. No need to struggle with IP addressing, setting up DDNS accounts and configuration issues like other IP cameras because viewing live video remotely and accessing recorded video is done through Dropcam servers. The easy installation process, efficient video compression, HD video quality (720p) and easy operation of the Dropcam make it ideal for use as a home security camera that can be accessed via the internet.

The Dropcam does require you to sign up for a user account. Live remote viewing (utilizing Dropcam servers) is free of charge and allows you to view your video from anywhere (with internet access) using your desktop PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet (which utilize the Dropcam app available for iPhone and Android devices).

Recording and downloading video from Dropcam servers is available for a service fee, which is $99/yr and allows you to retrieve recorded events that were recorded over the past 7 days.

Check out the following video showing Dropcam features and how to install the Dropcam:

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Article: Home Security Measures Burglars Hate

Yahoo article regarding home security measures, and yes surveillance cameras are listed as a measure. While security cameras can’t always prevent crime and are by no means foolproof, they can serve as a useful deterrent in some cases and provide evidence in the event that a crime does occur. Furthermore, security cameras can provide useful information about suspicious activity around your house and neighborhood which can then be provided to local police departments so that they can beef up patrols in your area. Read more on home security measures in the article:

A comprehensive home security plan that incorporates some or all of these measures in combination will work the best to prevent crime before it happens.

Security cameras trending in local homes reports: “According to local security system companies more-and-more people are installing security systems in their homes, but now surveillance is being used like never before.”

“We’re used to seeing security cameras in places of business as a deterrent against shoplifting or robberies but now more than ever, residents are calling wanting the same service.”

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Lawless Behavior In America – Acts of Desperation

Article from EndoftheAmericanDream lists 20 examples of lawless behavior in America due to desperation caused by a withering economy.

Article from EndoftheAmerican Dream: Desperate People Doing Desperate Things

With budget cuts hurting police departments around the U.S., and the desperation of the population, is it time to start protecting your home or business with a security camera system?

Phoenix Police Dept. Ponders Cuts

From the Arizona Republic article it appears that the City of Phoenix is reaching out for community input for a possible plan to reduce the force. If these cuts are enacted security cameras may become even more important to the average home owner and business owner since video surveillance will not only be a supplementary aid in fighting crime but may also become a necessity.

Security camera systems allow residents and business owners to provide police with detailed suspect descriptions and information about what happened where and when. Police departments across the country struggling with budget cuts may not have the time and resources to pursue a criminal investigation if there is no video surveillance evidence to assist them in their investigation resulting in a dead end investigation. Bottom line: security camera systems may become a necessity for businesses and homeowners who want to get the most out of a stretched police force.

“In May, the city received the results of an efficiency audit that suggested the Phoenix Police Department could save substantial money if police eliminated more than 700 positions, including sworn officers.”

“This month,Phoenix police Cmdr. A.B. Smith began hosting community meetings at each precinct to hear from residents about reducing the number of patrol officers.”

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