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Dropcam security camera captures woman’s terrifying attack during home invasion

Home invasion caught on a Dropcam security camera.

KCTV through KPHO:

Home Security Camera Systems

There are a variety of options for the home owner and small business owner who want a video surveillance system. This article discusses three main types of security camera systems, high definition. standard definition, and indoor IP cameras. What type of system you choose will depend mainly on what specific purpose you need it for and what your budget allows for.

Article here:

Home Security Camera Options

Funny Dropcam Ad – Video Surveillance poop patrol

Funny online advertisement for Dropcam shows a trespassing dog, caught in the act! The ad is quite humorous but effective.

ABC News Story: Vandalism Caught on Video Surveillance

In Florida a man dubbed “The Neighbor from hell” was caught on security cameras in an act of vandalism. Other acts of vandalism committed by others (who neighbors suspect were hired by the man) were also recorded on security camera systems installed by neighbors during an ongoing dispute. Rest of the story and video at ABC News:

ABC News: Vandalism Caught on Video Surveillance