Choosing the Best Focal Length Lens for your Security Camera - Part 2
Selecting the best lens focal length for your security camera is one of the most important steps in obtaining high quality video surveillance footage. There is a trade-off between magnification of detail and field of view. As magnification increases, field of view decreases.There are a variety of lenses for security cameras and judging which focal length to use to obtain the best view presents a challenge. This video provides tips on selecting the best focal length lens and also provides sample video clips of the most commonly used fixed focal length lenses in security cameras, the 3.6 mm (wide angle), 6 mm (medium angle), and 16 mm (telephoto) lenses. By viewing these sample video clips, which were taken from actual CCTV security cameras, you can get a good idea of the type of view that you can expect to see before buying your surveillance camera. All video clips were taken using a 1/3" CCD camera.
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